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Take off in Martinique's Flying Regatta

The World's First and Premier 100% Foiler Event

2018-06-12T08:43:06-05:00 en-US Jun 15, 2018

Photo: Martinique Grand Anse des Salines, Credit: Luc Olivier, Martinique Regatta

This November, a new international sporting event in Martinique takes flight. Organized by the Martinique Tourism Authority (MTA), the Martinique Flying Regatta will take place from November 17 to 24, 2018, designed to become the World’s first signature international foiling event.

The bay of Fort-de-France is the perfect location to run a race and showcase these hydro-foil sailboats that represent the technological future of competitive sailing. Inducted into the prestigious club of “The Most Beautiful Bays in the World,” the Fort-de-France Bay is particularly well suited for these sailing boats, with is vast and protected 28 square miles (72km2) of maritime space. Wrapped in the island’s low 80s temperatures the bay’s steady, moderate winds and smooth seas will provide these speedsters with perfect conditions. 

“We are very proud to hold this groundbreaking race,” commented Karine Mousseau, the Martinique Tourism Commissioner. “The Martinique Flying Regatta will not only showcase the beauty of the island and everything we have to offer, but also our people’s innovative knowhow. The joyous mix of our natural wonders and perfect sailing conditions with the sleek designs of the foil revolution will make the Martinique Flying Regatta the nautical must of the Caribbean and of the World.” 

To date, about 40 participants have been registered in this seven series race (or foil types), representing most of today’s hydro-sailing boats. Foil types include the very fun and high-tech Kitefoil and Windfoil—that may soon be seen at the Olympics—the one-man Onefly and the celebrated Moth; the race will also feature bigger crafts like the Flying Phantom, the Easy to Fly and the American favorite, GC32.

Photo: Fort de France Bay, Credit: F. Smith, Martinique Regatta

The competition will include demonstrations and racing events in the Fort-de-France Bay; residents and guests will enjoy what promises to be a spectacular show. The program will also include races from the bay towards the farther shores of Trois-Ilets, Anse Mitan or Anses d’Arlet. 

Major logistical support will be provided to registered competitors including complimentary shipping in containers or and preferential rates for accommodations. Access from the US to Martinique is just a hop skip and a jump; with Norwegian Air from JFK & FLL, American Airlines from MIA.

The Martinique Tourism Authority has also secured support from the Fort-de-France Port Authority and the Sailing Federation of Martinique, representing the island’s clubs which will provide nautical logistics. Registration to Martinique Flying Regatta is handled by Sirius Event. 

Photo: Mount Pelee Saint Pierre, Credit: Luc Olivier, Martinique Regatta

For more information about Martinique’s Flying Regatta, visit the new website Registration is open until October 17th, 2018. Information about the island of Martinique can be found here

International carriers with flights direct to Martinique's modern Aimé Césaire Airport (FDF) include Air Caraibes, Air France, Corsair, Air Canada, Air Transat, American Airlines and Norwegian.

Direct flights from Miami to Martinique are available daily on American Airlines. Air France offers direct flights from Atlanta  to Martinique twice weekly. Norwegian also offers nonstop flights from New York and Fort Lauderdale. From Montreal, Canada, direct flights are offered year round by Air Canada and from Paris, France with Air France, Corsair, XL Airways and Air Caraibes.  Flying time from Miami is approximately 3 hours, from New York 4 1/2 hours, from Montreal 5 hours, and from Paris, 8 1/2 hours. Several carriers offer flights between other Caribbean islands and Martinique, including Air Caraibes, Air Antilles and LIAT. It is possible to travel to Martinique by ferry from the nearby islands of Guadeloupe, St. Lucia and Dominica. Some ferry lines offer daily service while others provide service on only certain days of the week. Both passenger and passenger/motor vehicle ferries are available. The main terminal, Terminal InterIsles, is located at Quai Ouest, Fort-de-France.

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