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Welcome to the Island That Lifts Your Senses.

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Listen closely and you’ll hear your wake-up call.
What does bliss sound like? Is it a symphony of birdsong? Perhaps it’s laughter and conversation mixed around a dinner table. On Saint Lucia, whether you’re at a vibrant all-inclusive resort or an intimate boutique hotel, the lilting sound of happiness follows you no matter where you are. From the bustle of the street market in Castries to the gentle rustle of palm fronds on our pristine beaches, here you are free to escape the everyday. Let the song of our countless hummingbirds guide you through your island discovery. Here, the rhythmic sounds of jazz and calypso at Carnival will help drown out the noise of the world you left behind. (View More)

On a clear day, you can see yourself.
You’ve seen this magical island before perhaps. In your dreams, you often visit a place like this — an island with cotton-candy sunrises, piercingly blue waters and a verdant canopy. When you open your eyes on Saint Lucia, it’s as if your dream never ended.

This is a small island that’s big on pride — just ask any Lucian about our two Nobel Laureates. This is a place with the only drive-in volcano in the world, an island of endless beauty around every corner. And it all begins with the iconic Pitons, two peaks that rise over 3,000 feet majestically towards the sky. You can choose to marvel at them from the beach but we suggest a more personal encounter.

A hike up the Gros Piton unveils a view like no other. And on your way, you can marvel at what lies beneath our lush jungle canopy — a variety of colourful flora and fauna. While in our rainforest, you may be lucky enough to spot the Saint Lucian Parrot, an indigenous and wonderfully colourful parrot. When you’re ready for something a little more refreshing, dive into the water and discover one of over 23 renowned scuba sites — where coral gardens replace rainforests as must-see attractions.

You don’t just touch water here, you’re embraced by it.
Is it the touch of sand? The feeling of a hot volcanic stone pressed gently onto your back? The exhilaration of plunging into warm Caribbean waters? Or simply an embrace from the one you love? Saint Lucia puts nothing between you and things you love to feel and touch. So whether you’re caressing the waxy petals of a fragrant jasmine tree or running your hands across the billowing sails of your catamaran, the sensations of Saint Lucia are sure to stir the soul.

Bathe in the wonderfully unique mud baths at our Sulphur Springs or rinse the world away beneath one of our numerous sparkling waterfalls. And to truly immerse yourself in our island, journey back in time at Pigeon Island National Landmark to touch hundreds of years of history.

This is one taste you can never recreate at home.
It began with the Amerindians who were drawn to Gros Piton and Petit Piton for their mystical protection. Generations of Africans made their home here bringing with them a variety of enchanting flavours. The British and French followed and along with them came customs and traditions that manifested themselves in the flavours of Saint Lucia.

And that is how today’s Saint Lucia tastes. It’s an incredible mix of cuisines, textures and styles. It’s bakes and codfish from a roadside stand and a perfectly plated scallop dish at a five-course dinner. It’s a freshly cut coconut after a long day’s hike, the Friday night Fish Fry in Anse La Raye or the Dennery Fiesta on Saturday night. It’s a wonderful mix of Asian, American, European and Caribbean flavours and sensibilities, which helps Saint Lucia taste like joy. Try some, there’s plenty to go around.

Relive your very first breath.
Breathe in. Can you smell that? It’s a wonderful mix of cacao, salt air and happiness. It’s a scent that follows you wherever you go in Saint Lucia and that stays with you long after you leave. Saint Lucia is an island of magnificent contrasts — with its varied landscapes and cuisine. It’s this diversity that gives our island its distinction and helps it stand apart from other Caribbean islands.

Begin your day by soaking in the aroma of Cocoa Tea, a delectable drink made with aromatic spices. Take in the fresh salt air as waves lap at your feet before exploring the Sulphur Springs of Soufrière. Hike our rainforests before swaying in a hammock at sunset. And no matter where you are and what you may be doing, the scent of joy will follow.

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More information about St Lucia

    Entertainment available includes: Nightclubs. Cabarets, Dances. Most Hotels offer Dining, Live Music or Steelband and folk music. Gros Islet Friday Night Street Party. Anse La Raye Seafood Friday evening. Dennery Fish Fry Saturday.


    Air Canada from Toronto
    American Airlines from Miami
    British Airways and Virgin Atlantic from London
    Delta Airlines from Atlanta
    JetBlue from New York City
    US Airways from Philadelphia and Charlotte
    WestJet from Toronto

    There are also seasonal charter programs from various US and other gateways.

    LIAT and Caribbean Airlines offer regional travel.

    Caribbean Connection Plus' Shared & Private Charters.

    Airports: (UVF) Hewanorra Int'l airport, 37 mls drive from the capital, Castries; (SLU) George F.L. Charles Airport, 3 mls from Castries.


    All persons entering the island including Canadian and US citizens must carry a valid passport and proof of return ticket.

    Visas are not required by citizens of the UK, US or Commonwealth countries.


    Saint Lucia is made for adrenaline seekers. With an island terrain that ranges from tranquil beaches to jungled hillsides and vertical cliffs, a wide selection of adventure is just waiting to be explored. Whether you find your thrills by land, by sea or by air, the island offers a variety of ways to soar. So hop aboard an ATV, climb onto the back of one of our island horses, hang ten on one of our southern breaks or fly above everything on a zip line. Saint Lucia is made for adventure — all you have to do is decide where to begin.

    By Land
    If nature is the thing that sets your heart racing, welcome to an island that will elevate your pulse along with all of your senses. Hike the rugged Atlantic coastline along the 3 1/2 mile Eastern Nature Trail. Along with views of Mount Gimie, you may also catch a rare glimpse of the Saint Lucian Parrot or Amazona Versicolor. Or for something a little more leisurely, with equally stunning views, find your spot along the Tet Paul Nature Trail in Soufrière. Rent a mountain bike and go off-roading in Anse Mamin.

    The path winds its way beside a stunning beach and through a tropical rainforest. If ornithology or zoology is a passion, we invite you to take the Naturalist Tour through the lush rainforests. History buffs will enjoy guided tours of our various heritage sites, including Morne Fortune and Pigeon Island National Landmark. And when you grow tired of walking, why not refresh with a swim beneath one of our many waterfalls.

    By Sea
    Fishing. Windsurfing. Yachting. Scuba Diving. Snuba. Snorkeling. Or simply floating atop some of the clearest water in the world. The list of ways to immerse yourself in the waters of Saint Lucia is endless. Whether you’re a casual water lover or part mermaid you will be sure to love the many ways there are to play in the water.

    Book a charter and head off towards the horizon for some whale watching or deep sea fishing. Take the helm of your own yacht and ply the same waters as the famed pirate François Le Clerc once did. Off the coast of Vieux Fort, the prevailing winds create ideal conditions for all manner of surfing. And when you’re ready to dip beneath the surface of the water, the slope of our Pitons creates the perfect conditions for a drift dive, where you can fly through the currents in search of some of the most wonderful coral in the world.

    By Air
    When you’re ready to cast gravity aside, the island offers canopy tours of varying lengths to help you float above it all. Take a zip line and fly above the rainforests. It is this vantage point that affords you the opportunity to truly experience the rich, jungled landscape of this unique island. It’s not just here that you can fly, kitesurfers and windsurfers will also be able to experience weightlessness with ideal wind conditions off our southern coast.

    And to reach the highest of heights, ardent hikers can take the winding forest trail to the summit of Gros Piton — soaring more than 2,600 feet into the air. Upon summiting, you will be treated to simply breathtaking views of our island and even neighbouring ones. And for the ultimate in view seeking, take a helicopter tour of the island to get a bird’s eye view of the stunning World Heritage Pitons.

    Dine and Dance
    What sets Caribbean islands apart from the rest of the world is their commitment to unadulterated joy. And what sets Saint Lucia apart from the rest of the islands is the variety of ways we celebrate our heritage and traditions. Sample the very best in Asian, French, EuroCaribbean and Western fusion cuisine, or choose to indulge your palate with a variety of indigenous flavours. With a variety of cultures calling Saint Lucia home, music on the island is a melodious mix of styles and contrasts. And no where does that better manifest itself than at the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival. Here local artists mingle with world-renowned stars for an island party unlike any other.

    You can also celebrate the local Creole culture on the last Sunday in October with Jounen Kwéyòl. Sample local Creole delicacies like roast breadfruit, green fig and salt fish and bouillon. You needn’t wait for this once-a-year event to soak in the island’s soul. Every Friday and Saturday night, local towns put on their dancing shoes and aprons for a fish fry. Sway to local beats and dine on local delicacies on Fridays at Anse La Raye Fish Fry or Gros Islet Street Party and on Saturdays at the Dennery Fish Fiesta. And to see the breadth of the island’s art scene come to life, join us for the Lucian Carnival in July, where the pulsating rhythms, fiesta of color, dance and revelry come together for a party like no other.


    A marriage license must be obtained in St. Lucia by all visitors wishing to get married in St. Lucia.

    For an ordinary marriage license which cost EC$335.00. You just need to stay here for 2 days before the wedding.

    After you've been here for 2 days, a local Solicitor can apply for a license on your behalf.

    However there is a Special License which requires no residency period. The fee for the special license is EC$540, but if you arrive with all necessary legal documents and file them with a lawyer in the morning, by the afternoon of the same day you can obtain the special license.

    Documents required to obtain a marriage license in St. Lucia:
    • Passport
    • Birth Certificate
    • Decree Absolute (if one of the parties is divorced)
    • In the case of a widow/widower a Death Certificate of first spouse is required
    • If a name has been changed, a Deed Poll is required
    • If one of the parties is under the age of 18, evidence of consent of parents is required in the form of a sworn affidavit stamped by a Notary Public.

    If any required documents are not in English, an authenticated translation must be available.

    Ordinary Marriage License: EC$335.00.
    Special Marriage License: EC$540.00.
    Registrar Fees: EC$100.00.

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